Monday, July 11, 2011

71st Annual Convention International Association of Ministers' Wives and Ministers' Widows

Below are highlights from our International President's, Dr. Beverly Williams Glover, Address. 

To obtain a copy of The Welcome Program and the address in its entirety, contact Dove Conference Services, 4520 Hudson Drive, Stow, OH 44224, 800-233-3683, Ext 116,, or and request CD Number 114.


We gather knowing that our journey continues building a sisterhood walking in the light of God's love.  We gather as a sisterhood commissioned by Christ to be God's messenger of love and life.  We gather as an organization whose foundational pillars are faith, love and prayer.

The President described herself as one not swayed by titles or positions, humble, hardworking, and willing to help us, if we will let her.  She said she acknowledges the Lord in everything she does using Proverbs 3:5, 6 and her reference. 

Dr. Glover told us she owes her husband of 39 years a debt of gratitude, especially in the past eleven months as she traveled for various events to Macon, GA, Bridgeport CT, Richmond, VA, Columbus, GA, Columbus, OH, Brooklyn, NY, Atlanta, GA, Hartford, CT, Seattle, WA, Charleston, SC, Los Angeles, CA, Nassau, Bahamas, Claymont, DE, El Paso, TX, Las Vegas, NV, San Diego, CA, Cleveland, OH, Forsythe, GA, Millageville, GA, Marrowville, IN, and Queens, NY.

The State of Our Organization

Dr. Glover advised us that the guard has changed, but our organization has not.  In our transitional meeting all things were in order and we were ready to move forward.  There was a seamless transition ordered and ordained by God himself.  The headquarters building in Richmond, VA, owned by The International Association of Ministers' Wives and Ministers' Widows is now a palace of grand splendor, style, and residential grace.  The headquarters team was thanked.  Headquarter is opened on a regular basis for meetings, weddings, workshops, and more.

Her Mission

The President's mission is to:
  • Continue the spiral of growth upward.
  • Develop a recruitment tool to use in getting, maintaining, and loving new members.  To do this, we must bind ourselves together young and old.
  • Develop a network for sisters to keep in contact one with the other.
  • Advise each other of meetings, programs, and any activity that will enhance the minister's wife's growth.
  • Continue the implementation of training for the minister's wife and minister's widow. (It takes a preacher's wife to teach a preacher's wife how to be a preacher's wife.)
  • Studying, preparing, training, motivating our sisters to be the best as a preacher's wife that she can be, going in one way and coming out another.
A Word for Us

Jesus' message to all of us is unless we change our course to God's course, we are headed in the wrong direction.  We need to do more networking, communicating, touching and agreeing.  Jesus has set the course.  If we follow His course, we will have joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. 

We are responsible for developing the underdeveloped.  But, when the developer is underdeveloped, how can the blind lead the blind?  Helping ministers' wives does not come from sick churches.  Strong ministers' wives don't come from weak churches.  Generous  giving ministers' wives don't come from stringy churches.  Studious ministers' wives and leaders don't come from ignorant churches.  Committed ministers' wives and leaders don't come from uninvolved churches. 

If you are going to continue the journey building our sisterhood, you need to check yourself to see if you are real or artificial.  We look alive, but we are not really for real.  We have too much fruit not ripening, not maturing, and that is being left on the branch so long that it is rotted.  It gets hard and it gets bitter.  It is uninviting.  Bugs are getting on the fruit.  Worms are living in the fruit and we heard today that termites might be around. 

And so, we need the Lord to come by and prune us.  The Lord needs to prune us of our sin, selfishness, bad attitudes, personal agendas, so that we can grow a better fruit, present ourselves pleasing, and acceptable in the sight of God.  We need the Lord to prune us from our selfishness so we can grow a better fruit of sharing.  We need the Lord to prune us of doubt so we can grow a better fruit of trust in Him, prune us of phoniness so we can grow a better fruit of commitment.  Ministers' wives and ministers' widows, we need to be pruned. 

If we are going to do Christian ministry get in the Word.  If we are having trouble, get in the Word.  For His Word is a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path.

When your way gets dark, let Jesus lead you.  When mountains get high, valleys get deep, your road is rough, life gets tough, friends become few, let Jesus lead you.  We walk by faith, we love ye one another and we always unite in prayer, heaven is our home and I will meet you there.  Be blessed.

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